Sunday, July 12, 2015

This book should be on every health professional’s desk.”

Professor John Sloboda FBA,
Emeritus Professor of Psychology, Keele University
Read this book with the attention it deserves and you will not see healthcare in the same way again. Be prepared to join The Revolution!

Professor Sue Wheeler, Department of Counselling & Psychotherapy, University of Leicester

"This remarkable book will invigorate anyone interested in the personal meaning or politics of healthcare.”

Professor André Tylee, Chair of Primary Care Mental Health,
Institute of Psychiatry, London

Why, as our technology gets better, does much of our human contact and understanding get worse? 

How does this happen in our publicly accountable healthcare, and what is its cost?

This anthology draws from nearly forty years’ writing that describes and dissects encounters on the frontline of medical diagnosis and treatment. Beneath the very wide range of subjects lie the basic questions of welfare and social psychology: 

What do other people want and need? 
How do we (think we) know? 
Who decides, and how? 
This book’s unusual perspectives challenge many of our now dangerously sleep-walked maxims.
The anthology is offered in this complete large single volume, or in three separate smaller volumes.  

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