The struggle for personal meaning in healthcare

Read this book with the attention it deserves and you will not see healthcare in the same way again. Be prepared to join The Revolution!

Professor Sue Wheeler, Department of Counselling & Psychotherapy, University of Leicester

What is culture? Does it develop its own life, then impervious to individual influence?

Our NHS healthcare now has characteristics few foresaw or now wish to identify with. 

We have a crisis of depersonalisation: shocking failures of humane care, unprecedented staff weariness and demoralisation. Serial experts resolutely reassure, then fade away.

This third volume of the Anthology offers something different: a collection of letters and submissions from the most recent few years of David Zigmond’s frontline medical work – missives to newspapers, journals, politicians, senior managers and colleagues. These vividly describe his experiences and dilemmas, his understanding of these, and then some remedial suggestions.

A long view constructs a notion about our ailing Welfare services that is a seminal folly of our industrial age: that we are attempting to produce and manipulate human care and welfare as if they are manufactured objects. Such procedural manufacture then supplants our relationships, and the language, skills, imagination and emotional life that make these possible.

Surprising and substantial ideas are animated by evocative human description and lightened by insighted, incited and incisive wit.

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